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Kérastase – what your hair needs

Hi guys,

How are you this beautiful Monday morning ?

I have quite the busy day scheduled but not before sharing with you something that I have been testing for months now. Ever since I dyed my hair blonde and started to aggressively style it with hot tools, it started to fall out, deteriorate and before I knew it, I was left with two shreds of hair hanging.

In my quest for searching the perfect solution for my hair problem, I discovered Kérastase ! And that’s when I realized that I didn’t want any other haircare products other than this amazing brand. They have been around since 1964, so long before I was even born, always searching for the best hair solutions, hair techniques and giving each individual the haircare that they need. They even have a range for men, so it’s not just for the laides.

You can find this awesome brand and some of its products at Notino as well, having quite the competitive prices.

I actually have four current ranges that I’m using depending of my hair’s needs.


I think that one of the ranges that have dazzled me the most at Kérastase is the Blond Absolu. These are special products exclusively launched for blond hair. I never seen such an effective product that immediately takes away the yellow tones from your hair and at the same time it doesn’t dries it as other products that I tested do. The result is truly magnificent and your hair looks as if it had been freshly dyed, giving it a platinum look.


My number two range that I absolutely adore is Bain Extensioniste – this shampoo and its  fellow products will help your hair grow faster and stronger. You can immediately feel how healthier your hair feels after using it. It leaves it soft and it purifies and stimulates a healthy scalp environnement. Your hair’s health starts at the roots! Never forget that !


The Bain Après Soleil is a range tailored for a good hydration after sun exposure. As any other human part that is exposed at the sun, our hair also needs special attention as well. Thus, Kérastase came up with an amazing set of products that will hydrate your hair thanks to the coconut water enrichment. It also purifies the scalp and lengths, leaving your hair shiny and with a cooling sensation.


Last, but not least, the Specifique range has been created to help with more specific problems like hair loos, stimulate hair grow, oily hair, etc .. I am now trying these three products to prevent my hair from falling and to make sure it will grow faster and healthier. This is a treatment and it needs to be used every single day, in periods like spring and fall when the body needs an extra help to maintain a good balance. The treatment consists of 10 days worth of serum, and normally a 6 to 8 week cure is recommended in total. Using the Bain Prévention shampoo to prepare the hair before treatment is a must. The other product, the Stimuliste treatment is also advised to be used daily, for instance after you had the previous treatment done, just to stimulate hair grow and at the end, to have thicker lock of hair.

So, these were my fave hair products that I got to try until now from Kérastase. I’m sure that this brand will forever stay in my bathroom as it really is my favorite haircare brand as I previously mentioned !

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

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Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino 


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