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Justin B.

Hello sweeties,

I just had the most long and horrifying day today ! A few days ago, I noticed that my pet rabbit’s teeth were very long so I decided to go to the vet and had them shortened. During my meeting this morning, he suggested to take them out cause they were too deviated, so, of course, once every few months I had to return to the vet so he can redo them. I was soooo stressed (and still am) cause I had to leave my little one there for surgery. Now I’m at home with him, but he’s still a bit “out” from the tranquilizers.. 😩😩 it hurts me so much to see him like this ! He’s like everything to me and I wouldn’t bare the thought of loosing him ! 

So taking some steam off and trying not to think so much 💣.. that’s why I would prefer to share with you guys a brand new outfit so I can take my mind of my curent problems. What do you say? A little support ? 💘

What I wore:

– Guess jeans

I cannot recall from where I have these kicks tho, but I would surely would recommend choosing from these


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