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Just another ordinary day

Hi lovelies, 

Oh, I’ve just got home from a super long day. But I’m not complaining. I was shopping – yey – taking advantage of the last sales, last real deals :). What did you find during this month of sales? 

Well, I think you all know that shopping takes all your energy and you have to be prepared as such with a more comfy outfit 🙂

Mine it’s a mix of fun and cool, sugar and spice! The jeggings come from BoylyMia, the jacket from TOMTOP and my lovely cozy boots are Marc by Marc Jacobs and they come from Shopbop.

I really think this is a simple outfit to recreate – you just need (as professor X) the right “ingredients” 😉 (this was a note for the people who remember the Powerpuff Girls back from the day)

What I wore:

– Zara tank top

– TOMTOP jacket ( find it here)

– BoylyMia jeggings (find them here)

– Marc by Marc Jacobs boots ( find them here)

– Forever21 bag

 How do you find the look? I must say that the boots are soooo comfortable and they are currently my go-to walking boots even to buy bread from the shop next door lol ! 🙂

 Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will leave your honest opinion in the comment box below. 😀




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