Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Hi guys,

I have this super big day in the motion today. This afternoon I need to be at a photoshoot, only this time I will be there as a stylist, not as a model, as I usually am. I really love being a stylist as well and dressing the models, doing moodboards, choosing the make-up… it’s quite amazing. 

When choosing the outfit, an important part is taken by accessories. Those small details that make the outfit complete and just puts it out there you know. That’s why I always love picking them from great brands, some of them that you may not ever heard about! 

A brand worth the mention is Jes MaHarry Jewelry. She’s a jewelry designer and really keeps it out of the ordinary when it comes to creating and even presenting her pieces. The accessories are unique and handmade, you can see by the way they look that she puts a lot of passion and dedication while putting together these amazing pieces of art.