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Indian Girl

Hello, sweeties!

Rainy day here in Brussels and the fact that the poncho I wore today had a hoodie really helped me as the rain was light and I was able to protect my head. I really do like reviewing clothing designs, but when they come with an utility, well, let’s just say that it makes the “job” so much “sweeter” ^^

This happened today, when I wore this lovely poncho from Mr. GUGU& Miss Go. It’s very cool, cozy, well designed and at the same time, useful :).

Here are some pics I’ve managed to do in between the raindrops ^^

What I wore:

– Urban Outfitters leggings

– Mr.GUGU& Miss GO poncho ( find it here )

– Men at Work satchel

– Mango sweater

– Morgan de Toi booties

– Forever 21 necklace

I made a little confusion with the leggings..yesterday I said they were from River Island. Actually they’re from Urban Outfitters :).

I thought they’d go well with my lovely poncho ^^


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