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In Kos, Greece

Hi sweeties,

I’m back in Brussels and this time I would like to keep my travel section updated. I’ll probably work better on it this weekend, but for now, I would like to let you know how my day in Kos happened. 

Kos, a greek island, is just 20/30 min ferry time away from Bodrum, Turkey. The ride is quite quick and before you know it, you’ll be stepping on greek land. 

There are so many wonderful things to see ( especially for history lovers like myself), but I didn’t had much time on my hands and I wanted to arrive in Marmari to catch a few hours of beach time.

You have to take a bus from Kleopatra street which is rather close to the ferry terminal, like 10 min walk. The buses run one every hour, except for the one at noon which doesn’t exist.. the should add more buses ! 

In 15 min you’ll arrive at Marmari and you can enjoy some beach time ^^

– wearing my Zaful swimsuit – 

I also had the chance to see a couple of archaeological sites in Kos town and also the tree of Hippocrates where allegedly the famous father of medicine used to teach young students.

I would love to visit more of Kos sometime in the future, when I plan to go on some island hopping in Greece 🙂




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