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I was never there

Hello sweeties,

Hope you are having a lovely Friday. Mine will be a busy one, filled with events and so on… I’m actually working on my new website as we speak. I finally took a leap of faith and listen to what my friends& family always advised me and after more than 6 years on blogspot, it was time to do my site…

So, hopefully at the end of this month, the change will be permanent. I will post on both my website and here until then so I have some content on the site as well.

Things change and not to mention, evolve… I like to see this as an evolution rather than taking a pattern to branding.

Hope you guys will be supportive in this outcome =)

Furthermore, I’m back with a brand new outfit post that I know you’ll love !

What I wore:

Alexander McQueen DeManta clutch

I always had a passion for yellow, it’s such a cute color and I think and totally fab for this season !

Hope you like this mix I made and that you’ll stay tuned for a brand new outfit post tomorrow !




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