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Telling time preciously

I believe you can never have to much watches. Sure, you have your preferred ones, like shoes, the better the quality, the more you love them, right?I think the same thing was on the Victorinox team’s mind when they released a powerful, yet versatile watch for their 130th birthday, namely the I.N.O.X. watch. Now there’s something that will last you a lifetime. Why? Cause the main feature of I.N.O.X. watch is resistance, that means water resistance, both low and high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and even concrete resistance and fall resistance. So no more broken watches when you accidentally smash your hand into walls, or forgetting that you have your watch when going to swim.

Practically this watch has it all. Well, you can’t actually expect nothing less from a Swiss Made company. It features a reinforced stainless steel case, with scratch sapphire crystal ( triple anti-reflection treatment that is). The movement is swiss-made Ronda 715, so yeah, it’s always ‘on-time’.

I.N.O.X. will be released this September 2014, and will be available in a black rubber strap with black dial, khaki green rubber strap with khaki green dial, navy blue rubber strap with navy blue dial, so it will cover all tastes and preferences. 

Of course, you can go and personalize your watch with a bumper made out from silicone and nylon which is also another protection element for your super cool watch. Personally, I think it’s more stylish without, but sure, it’s good to have an extra safety measure.

Seems like the new I.N.O.X. watch is made to last, huh? Passing 130 ruthless tests, its intensive battery and resistive design is made to last, so you can be assured that you’re having something to leave to your grandchildren, which nowadays is practically very rare. Well, to think about it, it’s only natural that the Victorinox Swiss Army watches team would make such an incredible watch, sharing the same values and love for quality as the team who produces the Swiss army knife. And I know that from where I come from, when you hear Swiss made is synonym with high quality and work precision. 

Even so, when you think about the name, I.N.O.X., you immediately imagine the metal, that solid steel material that passes the test of time with brio. This watch is the proof that high quality combined with a sleek design still exists.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine


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