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I can’t wait

Hi sweeties,

Hope you had a wonderful week! I’m still having some very busy days…I just can’t wait to take my well deserved vacation. Four days of sun and sea and if course, of my friends… 

Having this Sunday afternoon free, I wanted to do a fun outfit ! My key piece being of course this superbe white bra from GodSaveQueens that I absolutely love ! ❤

Furthermore, know that I’m not so much of a bike person, but a neighbour lend it to me so that I can take a short stroll :D. It was fun, I’ll give you that ! 

What I wore:

– Bershka top, jeans, shoes

– Zara bag

– GodSaveQueens bra ( find it here)

So, hope you like the look, guys ! 

I’m going back to work now, even though I would stay here on the blog forever ❤




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