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I am human

Hi guys,

Today will be a full day so I’m sorry if I cannot answer all your messages and mails for now, but I promise that I will soon ! 🙂

Of course that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring you a new post for today, a new beautiful look that I just know you’ll adore. The outfit is pretty simple to create with the right “ingredients”. I really love how the two points of color remain within the shoes and bag. My Kipling bag is pretty awesome if you ask me; it can be combined in different ways, more casual or sporty, true, but this time I wanted to present something new, something more interesting and eye-catching, a different style from what you are normally used to.

What I wore:

– H&M sweater 

– Zaful dress

– Gambettes tights

– Zara shoes

– Kipling Arto exclusive shoulder across body bag 

– So-Phi hair sticks

So, what do you think about the look? Btw, the Kipling Arto bag is an online exclusive piece so you better hurry if you’re planning to buy one :). Other than that it’s really good organized inside and it’s pretty spacious even though it looks small and all… plus, who can resist that cute monkey ? ^^

Thank you for checking out today’s outfit post and I really hope you’ll pass by tomorrow for more fashionable news xo



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