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Hung up.

Hello again! 🙂

Sorry for the late post, but the traffic was so terrible back home, that I’ve done my run very late this evening. Anyway, if you’ve seen my post earlier today, then you know that I’ve talked a little about jumpsuits, and more specific about mine from PersunMall.

I think it’s perfect in so many ways..  I can take it when running, which is awesome, but a

dd in some heels, and you have a cool casual outfit ^^.

This jumpsuit reminds me of a song, so here you have

Groove of the day( or night, lol)

What I wore:

– PersunMall jumpsuit ( find it here)

– Nike sneakers

I really like this jumpsuit. I am used to my pockets being on the bottom part of a jumpsuit, but here they are higher, so I was a little amazed :).

Definitely a must have for summer ^^

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