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House Of Art

Hello guys!! I know that the weekend is just starting for you and you must be so happy, but unfortunately for me it’s going to be just a long way home…There are ups and downs like in every situation, but the most sad thing is that I’m going to leave my friends and family behind and continue my “life journey” in Brussels. On the other hand, today was a really fun day ! I got the chance to have a little collaboration with some stores here in Romania! I had a little photo shoot also. The fun part was choosing an outfit from each store. I really love having an opportunity to wear anything I’d like and mixing them together. I was rather disappointed that I couldn’t choose something for the Fall season cause they really had such cute things, but the weather outside was so warm that I had to pick something more light. So, here it is, my outfit for the day, chosen from House of Art, a really cute store that has office clothes as well as day-to-day ones.

What I wore :

– All pieces from House of Art 🙂

I really loved the booties ,think that they bring a little baroque lining to the outfit and the color is so IN this season. Also the print on the blouse really reminds me of the Chanel chain print. That’s all for today dears ! 🙂 Have a nice weekend and take care ! Kisses, R.


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