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Hotel Catalonia Playa Maroma

Hello sweeties,

I’m super excited to finally share with you a bit of my stay at Hotel Catalonia Playa Maroma. The good, the bad, the perfect. 🙂


First off, the hotel is more of a resort to say so… it’s quite big and it’s a ride away from the Airport in Cancun. I felt quite secure staying there; I think that’s one of the big pluses there is…

Then you have a lovely mini-forest with paths and benches to really enjoy nature and tranquillity. Oh, and let’s not forget the animals living there. The most famous is the coati. A super cute create that eventually bit me, but no harm was done. Almost 6 months after and I’m still in one piece. Even though, if this happens, you can check with the hotel doctor; it’s free of charge just to look at your wound!


The hotel staff is quite nice and friendly. There are a lot of people working there and thus, you have lots of activities going on. I went there through Sunjets; the price was ok and I really was happy with all the services at the hotel.

You also have a little beach and I loved it cause it was clean. The hotel itself was clean… the rooms and buildings are built in a rustic way, with furniture and bathrooms having local design. Some people may consider them old. I see them vintage and not to mention with their own personality.


You can also eat at the 3 restaurants there. I tried the Mexican one, but I didn’t like it as much… it’s probably because I’m not such a big fan of Mexican food? The 3 meals per day plan is more than sufficient. I loved the food there…. As you can imagine, I had an all inclusive trip. If you want to know more about what I visited during my trip to Mexico, everything is in this article.

Nonetheless, I had a nice stay at the hotel and I would totally recommend it !




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