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Hi guys,

Hope you are all having a nice week. We’re already in 2017 and time seems to pass by so fast. I’ll be soon adding a big milestone to my relationship and set a passed decay with my better half. I’m such in a happy, but yet nostalgic moment of my life and I was thinking of getting him something memorable  for our 10 year anniversary.

I’ve found this awesome online boutique, Horologue, some time ago and I think that something from there would make the perfect gift for him to mark, well, time ! 

They have quite the selection of design and brands, but my all time favorite is, of course, the Rolex.

I think these three models are in my top selection. What do you think?

If I could, I would buy them all lol.

The thing is that Horologue doesn’t have just men’s watches, so you ladies can also find yourselves the perfect timepiece.

For you, I’ve picked out also three designs that are my personal faves (hoping that my boyfriend is also reading the article, of course – 😏😉)

These are my top 3 woman’s watches that I adore from their site. Would love is you can tell me which one is your favorite ! 🙂

With that being said, I’ll have to be leaving you and starting my day.



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