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Holidays at home

Hello everyone,

We are officially two days away from Christmas and I couldn't be more excited ! Even if you are alone, you can still have a lovely holiday cocooning, taking some time off.. relax .. and just enjoy yourself !

I'm a huge fan of #selfcare and #selflove so I'm going to share with you a few products that will make your holidays stressproof ;)


Ever since I have installed my bath, I've been always looking forward to each Sunday evening to just soak in warm water and enjoy a nice series on my ipad. Of course, you have to have the right products to do so ! ;) There are a lot of wonderful bath products at Notino, but

my top 5 picks are:


Strawberry scented bath bomb from Greenum - with its original design and divine smell, this bath bomb is simply "delicious" and it also leaves your skin super soft and silky xo

And yes, that's a little rose in it :)


From the same brand, Greenum, here we have some bath salt, also in strawberry flavour. Some people prefer bath salts instead of bath bombs, so I thought I should put these two option our there. I even found both in the same flavour so you're sure not to be missing anything :)

Besides leaving the skin soft, the bath salt also regenerates it.


Speaking of "yummy" flavours, I found this wonderful bath & shower gel from Faroma's Tutti Fruitti range, with caramel and cinnamon ( one couldn't ask for a better mix, right ?).

Besides smelling amazing, this shower gel also is quite hydrating so your skin is very soft after using it. :)

Faroma is a Spanish brand and it has a lot of fun, strong scented products.


And because no relaxing bath is complete without a scented candle, here I chose one from the Bath & Body Works. The Sparkling Icicles is a Holiday special candle ( so really in the season vibe), made with essential oils, having a rather citrus scent.

It's also perfect for a gift idea ;)


And last, but definitely not least, for body scrub lovers, I have the perfect body scrub for you !

It's the Cocoa & Sugar body scrub from the Organic shop. It's perfect to eliminate your dead cells and it's also an organic brand, made with certified organic ingredients, and it contains up to 99,54% natural ingredients.

So there you have it ! My cocooning products perfect for a relaxing bath, just to well celebrate the New Year.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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