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High for This

Hello, loves!

Seing that the weekend is right around the corner, I wanted to bring today to the “stage” what I see as a hot outfit for going out in the club or any other night walk :). For this combo, I’ve chosen my loose black pants from Romwe, a simple bra underneath of my jacket, and as accessories, this lovely golden necklace from My Jewellery and stunning earrings from Choies

What I wore:

– Romwe pants ( find them here)

– Zara heels and clutch

– Reserved jacket

– My Jewellery necklace ( find it here)

– Choies earrings ( find them here)

I have to add that this look was inspired by a wonderful song I absolutely love from The Weeknd (I’m adding it below), if you know the band. I adore most of their songs.

Saying that, I wish you a wonderful evening and have fun if you’re going out 🙂




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