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Hermès perfumes – une histoire d’amour

Hello everyone,

How are you this fine day ? As you can imagine already, today’s article is a history trip on a prestigious house that I absolutely adore, namely Hermès, and to be more precise, I’m just covering their luxurious perfumes that they have launched over the years as a tier domain to their already popular and original luxury focus of equestrian accessories.

Edmond Roudnitska was a master perfumer born in Nice in the early 1900s and was the one to launch the very first Hermès perfume in 1951, called Eau d’Hermès and ten years later the Hermès house was welcoming its first women’s perfume, Calèche.

Today, Hermès has over 100 fragrances and I’m happy to tell you that at Notino, the biggest Europe e-shop, you can totally find a lot of them, especially the newest ones, but also perfumes designed in the early 80s like Bel Ami.

Being a Hermès fan myself, of both their fashion products as well as their fragrances, I found myself on the Notino e-shop, thrilled to see so many of my favorite Hermès perfumes.

To finish with, I ended up choosing two perfumes that I adore – Le Jardin de Monsieur Li and the popular Twilly d’Hermès.


“Je me suis souvenu de l’odeur des bassins, de l’odeur du jasmin, de l’odeur des pierres mouillées, de celle des pruniers, des kumquats et des bambous géants. Tout était là, et même, dans leur étang, des carpes qui prenaient le temps de devenir centenaires.”

“I remembered the smell of basins, the scent of jasmine, the smell of wet stones, that of plum trees, kumquats and giant bamboos. Everything was there, and even, in their pond, carp that took the time to become centenarians.”

Jean-Claude Ellena, French parfumer and writer, the creator of Le Jardin de Monsieur Li as well as other perfumes for the luxurious house of Hermès.


Le Jardin de Monsieur Li reminds me a bit of my other perfume from Hermès, Un Jardin sur le Toit. It might not be a favorite within the population, but I would say that you need to have a certain fine taste in the art of perfumery to appreciate this creation, as well as many other perfumes from the house. Jardin de Monsieur Li transports me to nature, to an asian garden, but not necessarily in a floral part of that garden, but rather to more hard elements, having at the same time a strong top citrus note that in this mix I find it quite fresh, exalting.


” C’est en pensant aux jeunes filles, en les regardant vivre, que j’ai créé Twilly d’Hermès. Libres, audacieuses et irrévérentes, elles jouent contre le vent, imposent leur propre rythme, inventent une cadence inédite.”

“Thinking about girls, watching them live, I created Twilly Hermes. Free, bold and irreverent, they play against the wind, impose their own pace, invent an unprecedented pace. “

Christine Nagel, parfumeur d’Hermès


For me, Twilly d’Hermès captures the mystery and playfulness of young girls and even though I am not young anymore, I feel that this perfume fits perfectly the freedom I experience with the arrival of Spring or Summer… the white floral and fresh spicy notes combine themselves in this  playful, bold fragrance.

I find that these perfumes, along with so many others have such a competitive price on Notino and I truly believe that this is an e-store I will recommend to all my friends, beating up their competitors with great service, great prices and even grater product variety.

Disclaimer: content delivered in collaboration with Notino.


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