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Halloween Make-up

Hello everyone,

I hope your week has started well. Yesterday I dedicated my day for some content creation, so today I'm finally leaving my lair so I can enjoy a full day outside !

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I'd do a little recap of my look last year - I didn't felt like dressing up, but definitely went for a dramatic make-up that sparked a lot of appreciation both online and offline. :)


I'm going to fill you in step by step what to use and how to re-create this look:



As you may have guessed, we're starting the look with a nice base & foundation. For this step, I have chosen the following products that I also found on the Notino website:

  1. I do apply a face cream & an eye cream before anything so that the skin is well hydrated. It just happens that the Bobbi Brown Mini Vitamin Enriched Face Base has also a good level of hydrating . Very nice make-up base to have

  2. The Wet n Wild Cover All concealer palette is a must have to cover up all the imperfections like deep dark circles or redness.

  3. We are finish this step by applying a nice foundation. I chose the Double Wear Estée Lauder foundation as it truly lasts the whole night ;)

Obviously, you may see that I haven't applied any eye concealer. This is only because we are going in with a heavy make-up that covers the under-eye area so it's not necessary to apply any.


This is probably the most important step cause here we create the 'tears', so start with:

  1. A good primer, here I have chosen the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which is a fantastic one !

  2. Having a sort of coloured base is utterly important considering the amount of eyeshadow that we are using. Here I chose the MAC COSMETICS PRO LONGWEAR PAINT POT - very good to have an even 'canvas' where to start your work of art :)

  3. In terms of eyeshadow, I went for the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. Good pigment

  4. And for the glitter, the NYX glitter is a perfect choice ! This one is called Glitter Goals

You can either finish the eye make-up with a good mascara or a pair of false eyelashes.

I just added mascara myself :)


I may not have the best photos as I took them just before going out, but you can still manage to see the way I did my lip make-up. It was so much better in reality - fantastic to redo this year !

  1. Always pick a good lip primer - here I went again for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand. They have such great products, I genuinely love a lot of them - case in point, the lip primer here :)

  2. A lip pencil is a must when going for this type of glam look - MAC Cosmetics has a wide variety of colours when it comes to lip pencils, so I suggest you give them a look.

  3. And the most important from the whole lip make-up, a good old lipstick ! And here I chose the L'Absolu Rouge Drama from Lancôme. Of course, you can choose whatever colour palette to go with, here I just really liked purple tones for a dramatic feel, but also a goth touch somehow, since it was Halloween and all :)

Now you can set everything with a setting spray and you're all good to go !

I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial on how to achieve a nice look for Halloween without having to invest in a costume that you will probably wear only once ;).

Make-up can be used on other occasions !

Thank you for passing by !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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