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Give Us a Little Love

Hello lovelies,

Oh have I got a treat for you ! With my health back 100% and a beautiful day outside, I couldn’t see no other reason to wear this beautiful white bandage dress from Hego and accessorised it with great shoes, clutch and jewellery that I bought from Asos. The shopping experience was made more pleasant and not to mention, economical, thanks to Soldesduck, where you can find promo codes to save up when shopping online. You can also check out their blog here to find so much more about how to smart shop. 🙂

For those of you who are Pretty Little Liars fans, here is my song to you:

What I wore:

Hego bandage dress

Asos shoes, clutch, necklace and ring ( check out Soldesduck and see what promo codes they have available )

Hope you like this clean look for summer. I just loved how everything worked together ❤

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a lovely day!

See ya tomorrow !




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