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Get back!

Hello, my dears!

Before everything, due to some comments, I’d like to make some things clear to everyone. 

Being a blogger is wonderful and all, but you must keep in mind that I’m not a pro blogger! I don’t have a team behind me, no stylist, no make-up artist, stylist, PR, pro photographer or God knows what. It’s just me, my ideas, my imagination, my writing… JUST ME! And like any other normal girl, I don’t do magazine-cover shoots and there will be flaws, of course… like I don’t always have time to iron my clothes to the maximum, so yeah, because I have a pro camera, it will show everything. Well, actually, it will show reality. 🙂 So you should understand and respect that if you like my blog. I’m no rich girl or anything. I come from a modest family and made it on my own… maybe that’s why, sometimes, people take me for granted.

Anyway, this was a little description about me, my blog… and voilà, as you all expect, I have my outfit of the day prepared. I have a special look today. It’s something I’d definitely wear to a fashion week ^^. Everything about this outfit spins around my sleeveless blazer. It’s perfect for a sophisticated look! I have it from SheInside and I can say that it’s just something special.. The hair-do was inspired by Chanel’s haute couture défilé 2013/2014 🙂 ( see backstage photos here). I wasn’t able to create the same look.. well to tell you the truth, I’m not really a fan of copy-paste.. I like it to always have my touch :).

Groove of the day:

What I wore:

– SheInside sleeveless blazer ( find it here

– Zara top

– Zara skirt

– Udobuy sandals ( find them here)

– Blanco envelope bag

– Bershka bracelet 

If you are following me on Instagram, then you know that I was thinking about doing this hairdo inspired by Chanel :). You are missing on a lot of updates if you’re not following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ^^

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