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Hello, sweeties!

Given the fact that crazy furs are so in this season, I thought to myself why not try this trend? I already did had this fabulous faux fur from Wholesale7 in a red ombre color scheme, so yeah, why not try this “bizarre” trend. See I was a bit worried that the whole outfit wouldn’t go together ( you know me, I always try to mix and match, so “simple life” hahaha), so I aded another faux fur in the mix, as you will see in the last picture. My question being “would you wear it with or without the brown fur?” 🙂

Can’t wait to read your comments ❤

What I wore:

– Wholesale7 faux fur coat ( find it here)

– Bershka skirt

–Forever 21 bag

– Bershka boots

So, with or without the brown fur?

I feel like it balances the outfit, no?



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