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From Warsaw – Daria Gora, the designer

Hello sweeties, Today’s article will be a special one. As you all know, I like sharing great designers or brands from time to time, mainly ones that I find amazing at what they do, but at the same time, who are nice and represent real people. I love working with friendly folks because my blog is not commercial and stiff ha-ha 🙂

Today I picked From Warsaw brand. I had the great pleasure of interviewing its designer, Daria Gora, a great woman, with a strong character. She is very kind and sweet, but she also is someone who can stand up for herself and is actively involved in protecting animal rights. This wonderful gal is the brains behind of, what I predict to be, a successful clothing brand for women. Women who care about quality and who prefer classic, timeless clothes.

After spending an afternoon with Daria, I came to see where the inspirations for designing clothes come from, what background she has, what are her aspirations, her inspirations and I also semi-met her cat Suzy ha-ha. 😀

Actually I met Daria last year. At that time she was creating custom made clothing for individual clients, fact that encouraged her to start her very own brand. When I was trying on some pieces from her collection, I saw how she observed every detail, really knowing if the garment would fit the particular person or not. 

I so love that side of her, when she focuses on a piece of clothing and connects impressions of everything around . It’s like witnessing a poet writing poetry !  Oh, and she had these amazing dresses and tops. OMG I didn’t know what to try on first !  My personal favorites from the upcoming Fall 2015 collection are: the red crepe dress above ( which can be found here) and the blue dress (below). I loved as well the other garments cause they are super cute and not to mention high quality. But the two dresses are like, gosh, #instalove

Even though From Warsaw brand aims for minimalistic style, I see a styling dare in the clothing. In my opinion, even younger girls can still pull out a great outfit out of Daria’s designs because the styling possibilities are endless.

Another thing I like about this wonderful woman is that you can totally see the passion that drives her to create really amazing clothes. She has always been an art lover. She studied Film at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; played small parts at the National Theatre there, took dance and singing classes. Later she moved to the United States, where she completed her studies at the Illinois Institute of Arts in Chicago, graduating with a Fashion Design Degree. In the early years of her career, Daria contributed to the American design scene while working  with the renown department stores Sears and Target and as a Costume Design Assistant for the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Having such a great and vast experience, she returned to Poland where she became a designer for the largest European retailer LPP and was responsible for the creative layout of the brands RESERVED and CROPP ( the region’s equivalent for Zara and Mango). Five years ago she moved to Belgium where she started to create custom made clothing. In May 2015, she launched From Warsaw brand and was already featured in popular magazines like ELLE Belgium and Marie Claire.

“From Warsaw” is named after Poland’s dynamic capital. The brand represents a philosophy of season- less, effortless investment pieces which stand the test of time and can be worn all year round. 

What defines “From Warsaw” is an uncompromising quality dedicated to conscious, demanding women who are less inclined to experiment with style and more committed to the knowledge that that less is more.

 “I set out to create a brand not dependent on the superficial trends of the fashion industry.” – Daria Gora 

I’m very excited by her new “crush” on the 70s/beginning of 80s trend that she is integrating to her collection. She really adapts the trends in the brand’s philosophy of minimalistic style.  The upcoming collection for SS 2016 includes refined, elegant and feminine garments with slight 70s influence.

The line features wardrobe staples, such as dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and jackets, in a neutral color palette, all thoughtfully designed to grace nearly any body type. The pieces are meticulously constructed of luxuriously soft woven and jerseys to retain their shape and integrity through many uses.  New collection will evolve from the current one, providing a pragmatic means to enhance and freshen a wardrobe with complementary pieces.

“I am inspired by the late 90’s and early 2000 minimalism: It was fashion with an ease yet chic and put together. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was the epitome of minimal style.  She managed to make a simple black turtleneck or shift dress look stylish. “

And you can totally see the inspiration within her simple classic designs, everything being shaped in her cozy, chic work studio  that I had the chance to visit. Oh, and if you’re looking to get some limited pieces from the brand at discounted prices, note that From Warsaw will be present in Hasselt, July 17 and 18 at the pop up shop, the event on Facebook, here

From Warsaw is a brand climbing the mountain of success, consistency and popularity, as I think that this is what Belgium misses, having real fashionable brands on the market.

I’d like to thank Daria Gora for having me and taking the time to tell the story behind her brand, the real person, to learn and to see how a great brand is being created.

Hope you liked the article and do stay tuned cause later today, you’re in for a little surprise 🙂 !




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