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Flats today

Hi, guys! Sorry for my absence yesterday, but I felt the need to take a day off from the blog… so, here I am today. The lovely weather is continuing to amaze me.. I hope it lasts forever ! Now being so hot outside got me thinking of the women who wear only heels.. it must be exhausting when temperatures exceed 28 degrees C ! I will certinaly do a little post on the subject and recommend some alternatives so you ladies won’t have to bare with sour feet during the summer! Anyway, today I choose to walk in my flats. It was very hot outside and I had so much things to do in the city. Plus with this awful sidewalk, you’d better have flats, trust me !

What I wore:

– Zara flats

– Zara TRF jumpsuit 

– New Look vest

– Michael Kors bag

– 2dayslook bracelets ( find your own here and here

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