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Five more hours

Hi guys,

Hope your weekend is amazing! Me, I’m trying to find time so that I can go find a foundation. My last one is dry and the BB cream doesn’t really have the same “power” to cover up my face imperfections. Normally I’m a type of girl who doesn’t wear make-up on a daily basis, but you have to understand that my former foundation lasted about 1 year and a half. I use Guerlain – Lingerie de peau; it’s light, cool and easy to apply. I’m thinking about doing a little post about what I use as cosmetics. Would you be interested in such a post? 😀

Anyway, bringing it back to a more fashionable side of today’s talk, I wanted to share with you a super cool outfit that was kinda hard to style. Let me explain myself. So, I had this awesome deep plunge neck split maxi dress from Romwe that I’ve been meaning to wear, but it has a really deep cut so I needed a body or something underneath. I went like crazy downtown trying to find something to go well with it, but the bodies were either too expensive (like 50€!), or not what I was looking for. Long story short, I remember I had this awesome bandage swimsuit from last year that could match this look. I got home, tried it on and BINGO ! We had a winner ! haha 😀

So, I’m going to let you enjoy this look I put together that I’m really excited about :

What I wore:

– Romwe dress ( find it here)

– Hego bandage swimsuit

– La Halle shoes

– Swarovski necklace

– H&M clutch

– Wholesale Buying sunglasses ( find them here)

So, what are your thoughts on this outfit? 😀

Can’t wait to read all your opinions.




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