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First attempt of Spring

Hello sweeties ! 

As you can tell by the title, today we had almost a day of Spring… it was more sunny with singing birds than an actually 100% spring day, but you have to be thankful even for that, knowing that Brussels weather isn’t the most sunny in Europe. 

Anyway, I’ve put together a last minute outfit and went out to enjoy the beautiful sun. I am still in “rehab” from buying new things and I can tell you it’s a bit hard :). Probably I will go tomorrow for a little spin in the stores if I have the time… I prefer to dedicate this year on traveling! 🙂

What I wore:

– Mango maxi skirt ( similar here, but loving this one)

– Zara jacket ( loving this one from Tony Burch)

– Forever 21 hat ( in burgundy here )

– Urban Outfitters bag ( dreaming of this one from Chanel)

– Zara knit sweater 

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