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Find the one – again

Hello sweeties, 

So I’ve just got back from my fab event this evening and even though I haven’t shared an outfit post for today, I’m totally committing starting tomorrow to get back on track and share two ootds per day ! Promise 🙂

Since I have the freedom of writing something other this evening, I thought I’d share with you wonderful ladies a fab finding, for your inner child, but also, for your inner woman. Triumph, ( oh yes, yes, the lingerie brand), has come back with another awesome animation video presenting their Amourette 300 line, where last year they were sharing their LZ16 line.

To be more precise, they picked the three main bras from the line: the Minimizer, the Magic Wire and  the Wire.

The main role is played yet again by international model Hannah Ferguson and the video itself can’t get any more cuter !  

I will have the chance to review the beige one and I just can’t wait ! 

Stay tuned by November to find out all the details ! 




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