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Field of Poppies…

Hello again !

I can’t sleep so I thought instead of wasting my time watching some silly movie, I can “waste” my time sharing with you another outfit.

This time, I went all the way elegant and chic. My beautiful dress from Chicwish is simply amazing…that kind of dress that makes you feel like a real urban princess. I really hope you’ll like this look. Oh, forget that ! I’m sure you’ll love it haha 😀

What I wore:

– Chicwish dress ( find it here)

– Prada sunglasses

– Mango shoes

– Zara handbag

Now, I feel that the dress from the site is a bit more long than mine. I tried finding the same length, but either the model is super short or I’m to tall lol 😀 ( which I’m not ! )

Anyway, it’s a beautiful print. A beautiful dress. A beautiful design. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope to see you around again ! 😀




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