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Feel Real

Hi, guys!

I didn’t had the chance yesterday to publish the pictures of the outfit that I wore in the afternoon, so now I’m taking advantage of a little break I have from my work and share with you a look I love very much. My inspiration came from this beautiful song I’ve recently stumbled upon ( I’m gonna add the youtube video below). Sometimes I do like wearing comfy outfits, with a thick low heel, in a somehow boho way. That’s why I was very pleased to receive my package from Wholesale7 with my hooded denim jacket, ankle boots and heart shape diamond bracelet. The perfect combo for an incredible look !

What I wore:

– Wholesale7 denim jacket ( find it here)

– New Look leggings 

– Springfield satchel

– Wholesale7 ankle boots ( find them here)

– Michael Kors watch

– Wholesale7 bracelet ( find it here )

– Zara hat and sunglasses

Really hope you like this look and I just can’t wait to read all your comments. 🙂

Have a wonderful afternoon, loves!




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