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Favorite Hair Products

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope your weekend is going great ?

Since I returned from the Gambia, I realised that after each vacation my hair tends to be quite dull. In this case, it was probably because the temperatures were really high and it just so happens that this cause really damage your hair; this applies to cold temperatures as well, of course.


With that in mind, I wanted to make a mini-list of my favorite products that I use for my dyed blond hair ( that is also damaged now), all the favourites were found on the Notino website, where there is also a little sale going on for hair related products.


One of my favorite shampoos is the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, which is a shampoo for fine coloured hair that works wonders.

I have discovered the brand a few years back, during the pandemic actually and I have become a fan ever since !

This shampoo does wonders for your hair, especially if you have thin, blonde hair such as mine. It's very suited for split ends as well.


Another product that gets me super excited is the K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask.

This baby right here is fantastic in repairing damaged hair. I actually know this product from my cousin as she graduated as a hair stylist last year and she used this product for her final exam ( on my hair ).

I would say it's best if you straighten your hair after using it because it allows the particles to better set on your hair.

Very good product, I recommend it 100% !


The Milk Shake incredible milk leave in treatment for all hair types is something I use when I'm in between washes and I just add some water to my hair, put on the treatment and leave it like it. I usually make a braid so the product can better penetrate my beautiful curls :)

Otherwise, the product also promises to protect the hair when using a heated styling tool, to prolong the hold of the hairstyle, while facilitating hair detangling. It gives texture and volume to the hair, making it shiny. It's also very good if you're into hair straightening. It protects coloured hair against fading, but also against harmful UV rays.

And last but not least, it softens the hair cuticle.

And since I have dyed blond hair, I wanted to share with you the two products that I use when it comes to sustaining the colour, without having it go yellowish.

Ladies and gents, Kérastase ! The Blond Absolu range is something I never have missing in my hair products. I tried many other brands in the removing of that horrible yellow shade from my blonde hair, but nothing was as good as this range. I don't use it each time, of course, maybe once every 2-3 weeks. The result is amazing ! Here you have the anti-brass ultra-violet shampoo and the mask with hyaluronic acide. I sometimes use just the mask or just the shampoo, but of course they work best used together !

Well, I hope you liked my hair secrets and that maybe I inspired you for your next purchases.

Wishing you all a great Sunday and a fantastic week !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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