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Father’s Day – Gift ideas

Good morning everyone,

How are you this fine Tuesday ?

As you probably know by now, Father’s Day is just around the corner and even though my father isn’t around anymore to celebrate him, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some awesome ideas on what to get yours for this special day 🙂 .

I must start off this article with the mention that Notino has always pleasantly surprised me on how quick they deliver their packages ! It’s like you’re ordering one day and the next you already have your package ! So what better option to have than finding something awesome on their site for this particular day ?

Personally, I find that a nice perfume box is the way to go, considering the fact that basically all men perfumes smell so good !

Here’s a little selection of perfume boxes that I absolutely adore and recommend:


Yves Saint Laurent, a luxury brand not only in the fashion industry, but also in the beauty one. Y by Yves Saint Laurent may be an excellent choice if your dad is a classy gentleman who likes a woody/spicy fragrance.


Cartier is also a classy brand when it comes to jewelry and perfumes 🙂 . If your dad is a woody/floral fan, than Cartier Déclaration is a nice perfume to choose.


One of my all time favorites – Terre D’Hermès – also on a woody/spicy note, this perfume defines elegance and the type of manly man if you know what I mean 🙂 .


For the fun dad– Versace Dylan Blue – a citrus fresh fragrance.


If you’re looking to give him a “perfumed” gift and you think a simple perfume box is too classic, then might I suggest a miniature bottles set from Amouage ? This is more of a niche brand, so even though it costs a bit more, you will have a lovely collection of oriental perfumes presented in a luxurious way.

I hope you liked my little wishlist for Father’s Day and I can’t wait to be back with more awesome news xo



Disclaimer – sponsored by Notino


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