Fall 2016 – the essentials

Hi sweeties,

It’s official – Fall is here. To tell you the truth, I am a “Summer” person, but really deep down inside I was kinda luring for Fall to come around so I can do some layering, buy some new clothes, try some new trends… You know, the works.

I sometimes like to find a place ( a store) that has it all so I don’t have to go all crazy putting outfits together from multiple stores. It saves a lot of time and energy, right? Amongst other stores, I feel that Esprit is really suiting all my needs right now. I’m like at that age where I still like to dress like a teen, but also love woman-like dresses/outfits. I mean, if I were rich I would probably spend my shopping days in Versace or so, but I have to be realistic and spend like the wage of a normal working person. So that’s another reason for choosing these affordable stores where you can find something at a decent price, good quality and cool designs ! 

I would totally love to share with you my curent “envies” for both my teen side, as well as my “grown woman” one 😂:

Like, obviously, nothing says more “teen” like a pair of sneakers and it what I have used to “build” this lovely look that you can wear to school as well :). Well, not me anymore, but I’m talking to you, teen reader 😋 ! Rock it on 👏🏼

And this is my glam, chic, maybe working-girl kinda look. More for someone over her 30s, right? I’m like in between now. I think our 20s are the best…you get to choose whatever and wear whatever.

Well, you always can wear whatever, but like stylistically speaking, this would be advisable, from my point of view that is :).

I really love these conversations, even virtually, I’m so grateful that we live in an era where we can express our ideas and thoughts and put them out there for all the people to see and also, have reactions from them.

Really hope you like my little outfit propositions, and know that all the items in the collages were taken from the Esprit website that I’m totally crushing on right now.

I’m wishing you all a perfect day and can’t wait to “see” you guys later !




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