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Hello everyone,

I hope the week treated you good ;)

From my side, this week has been mixed - good and bad - the bad "highlight" being yesterday when I received a call after having a meeting with a deco store... a meeting that didn't go as expected, but from that to the fact that the store went on a rant against me and even filed a complaint on a platform, that was "everything I ever wanted". I won't name the store because I'm not that person, but I find it positively idiotic to do that considering I only did a pitch ( so it's like suing someone because you don't agree with their proposal), and secondly I had no idea that their prices were so elevated. Oh, and the hypocrisy behind - I didn't feel any kind of hate from the guy, so I went on my merry way that day, also being rather upset that I have wasted my time, but hey, I wouldn't have gone on a rant against the guy ! That goes to show you that people aren't what they seem to be and you can "upset" someone just by proposing them your projects. I'm afraid that there isn't much respect left in this world...

Anyhow, I'm also back with a brand new OOTD and since it's the weekend, baby, I'm happy to share with you this splendid look !



What I wore:

  • Versace heels

  • New Look clutch

  • Pilgrim earrings

And yes, my 15% off code at the SheIn website is still available ! Just use byruxandraQ10 to get your benefits xo

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I can't wait to be back with more !



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