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EMS at BodyTec Studio

Hey sweeties,

As promised, I’m sharing with you my experience at BodyTec Studio, more precise the electro-stimulation workout, also known as EMS.


So what is EMS?

EMS comes from Electrical Muscle Simulation. I tried electro-stimulation before, but passive, resting on a bed and being hocked up to the machine that does all the “work” for you. But the proposed training at BodyTec Studio is indeed doing some exercises that go with so you can enhance the machine’s work. Of course, this is a wireless system, so everything is attached to this small box that you carry around when you do your workout. The box communicates with the machine and voilà, this is how it goes.


Does it hurt ?

Well, you should ask yourself, does it hurt after 4h of gym? Cause that’s what you are doing, but on a 20min basis. The exercises are easy ( at first look), but obviously with the muscle stimulation, you will feel 10x the grip.


Is it worth it ?

I would say, yes, especially for someone who likes being muscled, but doesn’t have the time or energy to stay so much at the gym. It’s easier, faster and the results are there.


How much does it costs?

Well, I saw that BodyTec is letting you have a first free seance that you can test out the whole system and from there, you can have several packs starting at 45€ per seance or you can be smart and go on a monthly pack, where the price is 31€/seance.

Along the way, you’ll have a coach that teaches and supervises you throughout the whole thing. It’s quite awesome to have someone involved that pushes your limits. I always need that !


And don’t forget: no pain, no game !




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