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Dry skin routine

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you found some incredible goodies on the Black Friday occasion. I know I have ;)

I got the change to restock some of my fave products for dry skin, which was great. It has been awhile since I've used these products and since the cold season is here, my skin really needs them.

You can actually find lots of lovely products at Notino, regardless of your skin type, which is awesome. And since I'm around, I thought I'd share with you my personal faves :)



Each time I remove my make-up, right after finishing, I want to apply a good tonic lotion that can really take care of my skin and doesn't dry it up. An affordable tonic lotion that is perfect for the job, is the Saffee moisturising tonic. The invigorating product cleanses, harmonizes and refreshes your face. And it's also good for sensitive skin ;)


Next we will continue with a good serum and in this case, I chose the Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil for dry skin.

This soothing regenerating oil for dry skin really does the job. I like applying it a few minutes after cleansing my skin.

Little tip: when applying serums it seems that it would be best if you can damp your skin as the water particules would catch the product and better infuse it in your pores when drying out.


After the serum, it's time to apply a nice face cream, right ? On this occasion I'd like to present to you the Clinique Moisture Surge ™ Intense 72H Lipid-Replenishing Hydrator hydro-replenishing treatment, that will provide your skin with up to 72 hours of intense hydration.

Its formula, rich in activated aloe vera water and caffeine, continuously hydrates the skin. The trio of lipids it contains also strengthens the skin's protective barrier, allowing it to retain moisture and be protected against external aggressions. The cica-soothing, on the other hand, fights against dehydration and skin dryness. It's a miracle cream really. I always loved Clinique for having such fantastic products. I also have a great eye cream that works fantastically, but I'll talk about it in another post :)


Let's not forget about the body, shall we ? Well, to be honest, the Nuxe Rêve de Miel body oil balm for dry and sensitive skin had a very high competition with another product that I like best ( and that I will mention in another post), but this body oil balm conquered me with its extraordinary texture and amazing scent ! I would definitely try this product if I were you :)

So, this is my little post on my fave dry skin products that I love and recommend.

I hope you all like it and I will be back with more soon xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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