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Drugstore favorites

Hi guys,

How are you this beautiful Monday ?

I'm just so happy to start a new week and take advantage of these 3 days that my other half has free to go into some renovating... Obviously my life nowadays is very tied to the house and I don't have time to go do my hair, have a spa day, a face treatment, so I'm doing all of this at home as best as I can. I have a little selection of products that I use instead !

All of these wonderful products can be found at Notino's drugstore section :)


I think my hair is taking the top loose of the whole situation. Constantly staying in a dusty environment and not to mention the fact that I even had paint in my hair about a week ago, these factors take a toll on my hair's health, so I do my best to compensate that loose by using nice products to feed its needs like the Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food, one of my absolute favorite masks from Garnier Fructis ! With the plus of having well nourished hair comes also the lovely fragrance that this mask leaves behind. Yummy !! :D


I do sometimes style my hair as well and a good hold is needed! I've been using the Elnett Satin hairspray all my life and during this period, this is no exception ! One of L'Oréal Paris's top selling products is also with me for so many years - it's very affordable and very good when it comes to fixating your hair !


And if you're worried about dying your hair, I always pick Garnier Olia coloration pack simply because it stays longer on your hair, it also has some very good ingredients so it won't do as much damage as hair coloration products do and it has a great reputation of perfectly covering grey hairs ( I don't have grey hairs nor white ones, but I do think that's a pretty important aspect for people to know - and yes, I know because I used it on my mom ).

And now that we're done with the hair part, I have two more products to share with you, but this time for you face ! :)


When Garnier launched their bio rage not long ago, I was lucky enough to be amongst the first to test it out ! I can truly say that they did a great job and one of my favorite products, the Garnier Bio Citronnelle detox gel wash is something that I always have in my bathroom. It detoxes and cleans the skin so good and that's very important to do after staying a whole day in dust or even in the polluted city !


And last, but not least, I think that after a good face cleaning, your skin definitely needs some hydration and well, the MIXA Hyalurogel day cream is very good at that !

It's perfect for sensitive skin and the hyaluronic acid component retains the water in your epidermis, which gives you a longer hydrating effect !

So this was my quick selection of products that I use on a daily basis ( or very often), so I hope you'll be inspired to have a look at them and if you try them, I'm curious what you think !

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all a great week !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino

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