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Dresses Wishlist

Good afternoon, my sweeties!

Before publishing my usual outfit of the day post, I just wanted to share with you guys a little wishlist of my own, featuring some of my favorite dresses I’ve found at TBDress, the online boutique that carries a wide, wide variety of dresses, along with other clothing garments that are simply stunning and at incredible prices.

I must admit that from their site I simply crave for their wedding apparel, but the site has much more to offer than that. Take for instance their collection of unique bridesmaid dresses, that can be found here:

It’s true that the bride is the center of attention on the day of her wedding, but I’m sure that the bridesmaids have to be well dressed as well. They are, to say so, the reflection of the bride, and thus they have to be spotless.

Browsing through TBDress, I found so many wonderful designs, but I believe that these ones are my ultimate faves:

This gorgeous A-line floor-lenght flowers dress is perfect for a classic wedding, looking so simple yet chic, the flower detailing being a touch of originality.

You can find the dress as well as the other dresses below at TBDress 🙂

Now I think that this graceful straps empire waist knee-lenght bridesmaid dress is suitable for a “young” wedding. When I say “young” I mean for the young couples who decide to get married straight after high school. Naturally that the bridesmaids will be young as well, so this dress has youthful written all over it :).

If you have a daring wedding and want your bridesmaids looking hot, then you can definitely choose this noble sweet heart dress which is super sexy, yet elegant.

Besides bridesmaid dresses, I’ve noticed as well some backless evening dresses that really caught my eye.They can be found at the fabulous TBDress boutique here:

I can assure you that all the dresses there are at democratic prices and I’m also sure that you can find one for your dinner date ^^

Here are some personal preferences:

Each one of the backless dresses above has its own personality, but they all have one thing in common, they are all oh-so-sexy ! For sure you will turn some heads in these gorgeous bodycon dresses.

My favorite one has to be this glamorous one-shoulder short dress. Although it’s suitable for a dinner date, I believe that this dress can be worn on other occasions as well, such as going to a party or maybe for clubbing.

What do you think? 

Well, my dears, this is the post for today. I hope you will all find the type of dress that you are searching for at .




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