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 Hello, my loves ones!

Being in Abu Dhabi, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates, as I like to call it, where  opulence and luxury that surrounds the place got me in the vibe for some beautiful occasion dresses. Cause that’s how I feel like, every day being a special occasion.

As for sites that carry beautiful dresses, this particular one caught my attention: . They have such wide range of dresses for any occasion really, like wedding, prom, cocktail, etc.

Why are they different from other online boutiques? Well, for starters, they are very prompt in customer service and you are sure to receive the best that the market has to offer at democratic prices. Also, you can make your dream dress fit you perfectly, as they have an option of custom made.

From what they have to offer, I just had to pick some personal favorites  and share them with you, guys:

As  probably you can imagine, the two dresses are my top faves. The first one is kind of Sexy Prom Dresses, a gorgeous red dress for a hot night. I’m simply loving it and cannot get out of my head a similarity to Angelina Jolie’s style, am I right?

Second dress is from A simple nude dress that combines fine taste with delicate beauty, a dress that should be worn when attending a garden wedding for instance. To view the dresses on their original website, simply click on them to be redirect 🙂 ! 

  Among the two superb dresses, I have also added these

three…say, as my second faves:

Each one of them carries an unique sense of style that transforms you on either a sexy woman going on a evening date at a restaurant, a glam diva going to a friend’s wedding or a determined smart woman going to a company event.

Either way, I simply love the dresses that I’ve encountered on the website ( )

I advise you go and check them out and maybe, find the dress of your dreams!:)

Not impressed yet? Keep in mind that they also cover the wedding dresses area, so every to-be-bride can find her beautiful wedding gown, UK quality that is. And yes, they ship up to 200 countries, so if you’re looking for that perfect dress for that perfect day, you can definitely find one there.

Plus that they have now a little promotion, a free gift for orders over £50 and free shipping on orders over £200 !

For this particular category, I knew I just had to share with you some of my picks for wedding dresses all from A-line ones to mermaid or just plain simple classic line dresses.

No matter if your planned wedding is just a simple get-together with close friends and family or maybe a beautiful garden celebration, I’m sure you will find a suitable dress for the event. Also, they carry dresses for the bridesmaids or mother of the bride, having of course a wide selection.

Don’t hesitate to check out their site! Kisses, R.


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