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Dreaming of an early Summer

Hello lovies!

I know that it’s a long way until summer and we still have to fight the feisty winter, but I would totally love to take a moment to day dream…more than that, to recall all my beautiful memories from Thailand. The thing that makes me so sad is the fact that I didn’t had the chance to take my beautiful bikini from Lychee Swimwear ! Oh, you don’t know the brand? Well, you should cause it’s an exceptional brand who has amazing swimsuits and not to mention that they’re made from very high quality fabrics.

My pick from their wonderful designs ( and trust me, it took me an hour to choose something), is the Bali bottom and top, in a floral print of course, but I’ll leave the pics to speak for themselves:

A very nice fit, might I say. This lovely bikini really gives me the mood to go in another sunny vacation! Normally I shouldn’t give intel, but I’m kinda planning a vacation for March or April, but let’s see how that turns out 🙂

My Lychee Swimwear set will certainly follow me in my next trip for sure ^^

Well, guess I’ll be back with a new look soon. After all, it’s the Sales period and I haven’t find much yet :S.




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