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Hello sweeties,

As you’ve probably guessed I spent my morning at H&M trying to get my favorite items from the Balmain collection collaboration. The last time I went to H&M for one of its collaborations was when they had it with Versace. I was super disappointed to see a bad evolution of things from the pricy items to the total chaos in stores. When I went before, they had a nice system with bracelets and letting each group stay just an amount of time. Very nice and tidy. Now it was like Hunger Games – fashion edition. I was like “WTF?” . In the big hysteria even a few items were damaged. I know because the skirt I wanted to take was already in bad shape. Brussels is not a city for normal people with the whole race mix, so they had to think of that when putting out “civilised” clothes for uncivilised people. Oh, and then you have the online store – you had to refresh it every minute for almost an hour to find your way around… So H&M, I’m sorry, but you’re becoming one of those brands to invest more in the image rather than the quality of services itself and I’ve experienced it (along with many other people) first hand today! 

Now returning to a more “civilised” online store, Romwe had this awesome lapel tribal print belt buckle coat that I loved so much so I just had to had it ! 🙂

I’ve chosen a comfy look to go with it and so here you have today’s look:

What I wore:

– Romwe coat ( find it here)

– Asos jeans

– Urban Outfitters backpack

So, how do you find this look? Thank you for visiting and I do hope you’ll come back tomorrow for yet another awesome look 🙂




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