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Dior Poison Girl

Hello ladies and gents,

How are you this lovely afternoon?

It’s been awhile since I last shared with you some insights about the perfumes that I love.

This time I have chosen Dior– Poison Girl ! Why?  Because I even now remember wearing the Hypnotic Poison perfume throughout high-school and I think Poison Girl is quite close to it. It’s a rather “old” perfume in the sense that it has been launched in 2016, so about 4 years ago, but I actually did not try it until now, being somehow ‘stuck’ on the Hypnotic Poison. Obviously, you can find Dior Poison Girl as well as many other Dior perfumes at Notino !


If I were to judge, I would say that Poison Girl in the ‘now’ version of Hypnotic, like high-school me would now wear it. The scent brings me to see a younger person ‘wearing’ it, but as my heart is still in my 17 years, I had to have it ! It’s also the type of perfume I’d wear when going out on a date or at a club. The scent is addictive… the main accords are: balsamic, vanilla, almond having in its composition raw ingredients like to start, Sicilian bitter orange, and May and Damascus roses as the heart of the perfume…


The perfumer, Francois Demachy, added as finishing notes an oriental sweetness with notes like sandalwood from Sri Lanka, tonka bean from Venezuela  almond and last, but not least, vanilla.


The packaging also reminds us of Hypnotic Poison, but with different ‘clothes’, the bottle being even more feminine and mysterious.

With Dior Poison Girl, the perfumer and Dior house wanted to create a perfume perfect for a rebellious young woman, one that will always follow her dreams.


For me, it’s a lovely piece to add to my collection, a piece that will remind me of my young spirit.


I hope you liked my little article on yet another amazing perfume and I hope you’ll be back tomorrow for a brand new post !



Disclaimer – article sponsored by Notino


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