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De chacun selon ses facultés, à chacun selon ses besoins

Hello sweeties,

Today’s outfit is a special one. After seeing some of my mom’s old pictures, I really tried to recreate that look that women had during the communist era in Romania. Well, it’s of course bind with some modern elements, but put together in a fashionable way. In all those communist countries you could always find this stiff element like the clothes on women were a bit more loose, but at the same time in straight lines, nothing being out of its place. This blazer from Dressin really meets those requirements, keeping though a feminine touch with the applied lace. The two piece is from TOMTOP and although it’s really modern featuring a cropped top, the geometry of its design made it a perfect fit for the outfit I had in mind. Double bagging was quite the trend back then, but not for the fashionable side, but for its utility. All this with my lovely T-strap shoes helped me realise my idea of a communist outfit with modern influences. 

I hope you like the idea (of the outfit of course, not the idealistic regime ) and you’ll enjoy the look:

What I wore:

– TOMTOP two-piece white set ( find it here)

– Dressin blazer ( find it here)

– Zara shoes and purse

– Vintage bag

I think this post was also educative, learning a bit about history. Oh, and a big kudos for the readers who know where the title of my article comes from 🙂

Can you guess?




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