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Date Night

Hello again sweeties,

Oh, it’s kinda fun posting two times a day. It’s like you’re getting the taste of something sweet and you never want to let go 🙂

Tonight I’m going out for dinner and a movie. Naturally, my look is prepared and set into place long before. (well, just a couple of hours ago, so yeah, I think that’s ok) I’m not like other girls who arrive late on a date. I like to be punctual, but at the same time good looking. 

The dress I’m wearing is from New Dress and this shade of green is one of my favorite colours, mainly because it matches so well my skin tone. 

I’ll let you discover more about what I’m wearing while I wait to go outside…

What I wore:

– New Dress green dress( find it here)

– Guess sandals

– H&M clutch

It was super windy, so my hair who was supposed to stay put, giving that bob look effect, really went all over the place. Bof !

Anyway, hope you like the look, guys ! ❤




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