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Color Blocking

Good morning everyone,

Hope your weekend is going well… I spent most of it studying for my exam in May and I must say that’s kinda hard to start studying after such a long time.. the brain is a muscle and if it’s not used to a certain activity, it becomes flat and less perceptive… so getting it on track again was a tad difficult.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about boring things… I want to share with you today a brand new outfit post that I know you’ll adore ! A couple of years ago I did the exact same mix when color blocking and it was quite funny that when I was searching on Google some inspo on color blocking, my photo came up. Obviously I was much more young back then and since I had an event this week with this theme, it was funny to see that I went for the exact same colors as back then. ( blue and yellow )

I wanted to spice up the color block a bit and use a few other elements that completed my outfit just perfect. Just scroll down to see what I’m wearing 🙂


What I wore:

I hope you like the look and I’ll try to be back very soon with more OOTDs 🙂




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