Coco Grove Beach Resort – Siquijor

Hi guys,

I’m back home after a super long trip, but I’m happy everything went smoothly and except for my sun burn problem, I had no bad experiences along the way. Furthermore, I had amazing experiences at the hotels I stayed in and I would love to share those experiences with you as I think it would be valuable info in case you’d like to trace my steps. 

Today I would love to speak about this awesome resort I found in the island of Siquijor that I certainly a must-visit place. I really felt I was in Heaven; white pigeons and all. 

It has even a water sanctuary where you can do snorkeling and admire the beautiful marine life there. I’m going to do a video of what you can see over there very soon and add it to the article, until then, you can feast your eyes upon the one that I’ve already made of the resort:

The Coco Grove Beach Resort offers a lot of services, like shuttles from the Siquijor pier to the resort and back, they have even a stunning yacht called the Coco Princess, a boat that was built inside the resort from bamboo by the locals.

 The resort is quite big and I stood at the newest part of it.

Everything is grown there from vegetables to animals and they even have their own water source, being a very pure water, better than the one we have in Europe of course. The food is very tasty and their chefs even prepare delicious deserts, from where I recommend the chocolate cake – my fave! 

The menu is quite diverse, having both international and filipino local food. You can enjoy it while gazing at the sea, by the beach… I recommend going to the Sunset restaurant to see how the sun sets over the sea, a perfect nature made moment.

-Breakfast time –

– Dinner time-

The beach is very clean ( as is the rest of the resort) and you have about 2km of beautiful water and amazing sea life to discover, and you can also rent ( for free) a canoe to stroll around. I did it and it was very cool !