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Hello sweeties,

Oh you cannot imagine what beautiful time we have here in Romania! All sunny and not a cloud in the sky…. No better opportunity to wear this superbe cobalt dress from Oasap. And I know what you’re gonna say ” she has the same one in red!”. True, but I really wanted to try the one from Oasap as well, seing that there is a slight price difference. Well, I was right, the price difference is indeed amenable, the fabric being better and even the length of the dress is different, the one from Oasap being more long. All in all, I totally can say that the price difference is justifiable. It depends on what you want actually 🙂 . Of course, I love the one from Oasap more haha

What I wore:

– Oasap dress ( find it here)

– Zara sandals

– Mango bag

I totally forgot to bring a clutch along, I feel that it would have worked a million times better with a clutch rather than my bag. 🙂

But the bag goes well with my sandals, so there is a little balance I believe.

So, hope you love the dress at least as I do.




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