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Chic in the city

Hello sweeties,

Hope you are all having a fab week. I just hate it when the temperatures drop and you have rain and grey skies… For bloggers is kinda sad cause you always have to “paint” this sunny day, with a fab outfit, where everything is bright and la vie est rose . Well, it’s not always like that… and after I did these pics, it started raining .. that’s the truth ! 

I was lucky to have finished shooting this marvelous look just before the storm came, so it’s still very nice, but the pics are maybe not that bright :))

The look I’m sharing with you today is a perfect look for fall and winter all together. The “decomposed” sweater is such an unique asset for your closet and to accentuate this shade I matched it with distressed jeans and of course, my rough Sacha Shoes biker boots that I simply adore.

The plaid coat has the role to temper down this edgy look and make it a bit more feminine, along with the hat, a bit more vintage.

What I wore:

– Asos jeans

So, here you have it ! The outfit of the day… rather more the outfit of the season, a look that you all have been asking for ever since you saw me wear it at Press Days Antwerp 🙂

Hope you like it and cannot wait to come back tomorrow with a new fashionable look.

Have a fab day, lovelies ! 




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