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Cheerful Colors

Hello sweeties ! ^^ So I had a really weird day… This blogging gig is kinda addictive. I saw that I’ve been posting almost every day for the last few days… But mind as well do this when I can. I had the chance to meet all kind of people thanks to it! But I also had the “lucky chance” to meet not so friendly and mostly creepy people.. Now this blogging activity does that to you, but I’m a more sensitive person and I tend to take things personally… but I always try to assimilate only the good things. 🙂 Ok, that being said, I’m gonna move on and share with you guys the outfit I wore today. I didn’t had any special occasion, just returning the modem wifi to the internet company (Belgacom). I’ve been their client for like 3 years and I’m so disappointed! 😦 It had cost me a lot of energy and not to mention money! So I finally had the chance to get rid of them ^^ yeyyyy! I thought this colorful outfit will cheer me up today, and I must admit that I don’t always dress according to trends! 🙂

What I wore:

– Zara heels

– River Island pants

– I AM bag

– Forever 21 sweater

– Pimkie white shirt

– Mango sunglasses

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