Cheer up !

Hello boys & gals,

Friday is here and I cannot wait for tomorrow ! I’m going with my cousin to Tilburg; the Textile Museum is having a 1920s Jazz Age fashionable opening on the 10th and I was lucky enough to be a part of the celebration. Lovely, isn’t it ?

Just watch my stories during the weekend to know more 🙂

Anyway, the weather is still shitty here, but we have to “work” with what we have, so even though the pics will be grey and dark this time, I tried “cheering” them up with some colorful pieces.

What I wore:

– RoseGal two piece sport suit

– Lightinthebox coat

– Asos clutch 

So, what do you think? Sorry, the pics are a bit dark and blurry but so was the weather 😅

Hope you like my combo and actually this weekend I don’t think I’ll be posting something because I’ll be away, but make sure to follow me on Instagram for more insight.

Wishing you a perfect weekend and “see” you soon ! 




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