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Chanel bags – then and now

Good morning beauties,

Since I don’t have an outfit post for today and I’m actually planning to go outside and shoot something for the days to come, I’m thinking of sharing some of my knowledge about Chanel bags. I know the subject may have been approached several times over the years, but this is from my point of view :).

Is it really worth it to buy a Chanel bag ?

Personally I don’t own a Chanel bag and I must say that there are so many replicas out there, like over the top quality replicas that sometimes even the  Maison doesn’t know the difference anymore. Speaking from experience, I know people who have bags from their grandmas and that the House didn’t confirm them as authentic ones so I wonder: are we really paying for the name? Most cases, yes. I think you have to be really smart to invest in a bag that will be timeless… other than that, it will stay just a bag with a popular name.

Chanel then and now

Fun fact about Chanel bags – the vintage ones had their double C dipped in gold, where the new ones don’t have that anymore… The sad part is that the new ones look so “industrialized”, like no love given to the making of the bag. The old ones have a beautiful craftsmanship and attention to details.

I’m actually planning to get a vintage Chanel bag next year – a present for myself with the occasion of turning 30.

At Shopbop, they have a lovely selection of vintage Chanel bags and not only. This here below is my favorite one 🙂

A real jewel might I add. I love the classic/ vintage ones and I do hope I will find it next year. The price is indeed a tad higher, but this is a piece that will grow in value with age, just like a good wine.

What do you think ? Would you buy a Channel bag? Do you own one? Are you happy with it ?




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