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Château d'Urspelt

Dearest reader,

Indeed, it has been awhile since I have last updated this section of my blog. Granted, the pandemic 'killed' all my travel plans and along with them, my ability to share with you amazing hotel finds around the world.

Today however, I have a fantastic establishment to bring forward, an establishment that has found its rightful place on my ' Hotels Around The World' section. Château d'Urspelt is located not far from Brussels, in the little village of Urspelt some 3 km north-east of Clervaux in northern Luxembourg, a beautiful discovery and one with lots of history behind...


The castle has been around for about three centuries, yet the building itself has been remodelled in 1860. I won't get into historical details, as I don't want to spoil the whole story. You can definitely find out more on the hotel's website. I will, however, tell you all about my stay!


First of all, the premises itself is truly fantastic. You can see that it was refurbished, yes, but that royal vintage vibe reigns still even in the castle's exterior and it somehow manages to mix well with a resort-type-of-vibe. It's very calm and peaceful, an oasis of tranquillity.

P.S. It added a new exterior swimming pool that you can check on their socials :)

Of course, that swimming pool fades in the face of their amazing NUXE spa !

I wish I would have taken my GoPro to better shoot the pool caves .. I think this is one of the settings that impressed me the most. I would go back there only to have a swim and enjoy the spa area :). Other than this swimming pool wonder, the NUXE spa area has 2 hammams, 2 saunas and a jacuzzi; plus you can enjoy some NUXE special packages like massages or face and body treatments.

I know I normally start with a room tour, but to be honest, my attention was dispersed in many places. At Château d'Urspelt you don't know what to do first ! :)

I must admit, the last time I had a bathtub in the room was in Singapore, so it really brought back memories. It was very well thought to bring this intimate element upfront as it brings a romantic vibe to the whole room design. I would say that the style is a mix of romantic vintage luxury with contemporary elements. I have checked out the suite of the hotel and I must admit, it's very lovely. It's of course, very spacious and more designed focused than the room that I stayed in.

Nevertheless, my room was impeccable and everything worked perfectly !

The 'royal' vibe reigns over the castle, some corners being more prevailing than others and I must say, in all this vintage/royal vibe I wouldn't have ever thought to find such an elaborate technology that the castle has shown. It even has a cute robot at by the reception in case you'd have some questions regarding the castle's history, the premises, the rooms, etc.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a foodie, but more of the gastronomic kind, so you can imagine my excitement and might I say, curiosity, when I got word that the hotel has its own gastronomic restaurant ! I definitely needed to try and guess what? The food was amazing !

The food is locally sourced and to be honest, the portions are quite big. I mean when you go to a gastronomic restaurant in Brussels, you will need at least 4 dishes to eat well, here it's not the case; at least not my case ;). I went for the 3 course meal and I felt that I couldn't eat anymore when the dessert arrived. Very good food, very nicely served, very happy with it so I definitely recommend going there if you ever book a stay at Château d'Urspelt.

As you can imagine, breakfast makes no exception from the whole 'exquisite food rule'. It's served in a unique, still 'royal' setting.

The products are variated, for every taste and particularity.

I'm a big breakfast fan even though I'm happy with the basics, but I just wanted to add that you will definitely find your preferred morning food during your stay.

I enjoyed my stay at the castle and I hope to go there again in the future. On this occasion, I'd like to thank the direction for welcoming us on their estate and congratulating them on delivering the best services.

Thank you for stopping by the blog !

Enjoy your day :)


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Chateau d'Urspelt

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